Measuring Indoor Traffic with Indoorway

A Polish company has created a handy tool for commercial real estate, allowing real-time analysis of foot traffic in various indoor spaces.

Indoorway released their app to “smarten up brick and mortar buildings” and enable precise analysis of foot traffic within retail, office, industrial, public and transit locations. They say that although the smart city trend is constantly increasing, businesses and venues still cannot access the data about their real-world users.

“Smart building is no longer a trend, it is the trend,” explains Grzegorz Koblanski, CEO at Indoorway. “Fixed communications techniques, such as posters or info kiosks, do not work anymore.

“Indoorway enables property managers to digitise their venues, stimulate visitors’ engagement through context-based notifications and analyse what is happening in their facility in real time. It unlocks powerful information to help make data-driven business decisions and enhance comfort in large brick-and-mortar buildings.

“An interactive, intelligent space is surely what indoor businesses have been missing so far.”

The sensor-fusion tool provides accurate indoor location and data analysis based on information gathered from mobile devices, gyroscopes, accelerometers, geomagnetic fields and beacons.

During beta testing the company mapped spaces covering in total over 350 square kilometres. They have launched a pilot implementation at the Electrolux factory, where it helps to optimise production processes. The concept emerged back in early 2015 as a graduation project at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Indoorway can be easily integrated into any mobile app, just like a plugin. The deployment process requires no additional IT infrastructure. Digitising a space of 2,000 square metres takes four hours.

Indoorway collects data from multiple sensors built into mobile devices and, thanks to its unique sensor-fusion technology, delivers indoor location accuracy of one to two metres. Apart from precise geolocation which boosts visitor experience, Indoorway provides an analytical dashboard and customisable reports.

Indoorway’s creators have built four free-to-download apps, which can be deployed in any venue with no extra help from developers.



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Azal Khan

Azal Khan was a in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.