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How to win the listing and increase your client network

Top coach Claudio Encina shares his top three tips on increasing your listings and developing client relationships

Q: How do I win listings against more established agents who dominate in my market place?

A: Put yourself in your vendors’ shoes and ask yourself what is running through their mind.

They may not say it out loud, but I can guarantee they are asking themselves why they should choose you to sell their home.

From my experience as a coach, most agents don’t have degrees of separation or, as I call it, incontestable value.

If you’re constantly losing listings to a dominant, key agent in your area, you may lose confidence and self-doubt can begin to creep in.

You need to bring three types of value to your listing presentation and your customer if you want to win more business.

1. Your customers buy value belief
If you wouldn’t buy yourself, how do you expect your clients to choose you?

You need to come from a place of clarity, confidence, strength and power.

Your level of influence and persuasion is based on you coming from these four pillars.

2. Value perception
If people see your name everywhere, either online or offline, it creates a positive perception.

So ask yourself if you are making enough noise and whether you are out-marketing the competition.

Letterbox drops, social media, community involvement and online reviews can all play a part.

The sum to use for lead generation should be consistency + frequency = trust.

The more people see you, the more they begin to trust you, even if they have not met you. Eventually, this creates value perception.

3. Incontestable value
One of the most important values you must demonstrate in a listing presentation is incontestable value.

This is where you show what sets you apart from other agents.

Established agents may do more transactions compared to less dominant agents, so I recommend showing the vendor that you are not a transactional agent but a relational agent.

A transactional agent is all about selling the property quickly. This maybe be at the expense of dollars left on the table.

If you position yourself as the relational agent, you can explain how you go deep and wide with the buyers to ensure top dollar is achieved.

Support this using a case study where a property achieved an incredible price and perhaps one where multiple offers came in and you were able to extract the best price.

Case studies are more powerful than testimonials.

Align the three types of value in your listing presentation and you will soon become the dominant agent and gain market share.

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