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How to successfully target expired listings

Top coach Claudio Encina shares the top three tips to maximise your expired listing results and nail the appointment

Q: I’m looking at targeting expired listings. What would be some strong cut-through questions to ask?

A: How do you get the expired or withdrawn listing’s attention?

Take the time to strategically think about using a 10-second impact message. To maximise your outcome from a phone call or door knock, you need to get the prospect to stop and think.

That’s the job of the 10-second impact message.

A brief message to grab the listener’s attention to obtain extra time for the conversation.

It’s enough to start the process to build some rapport and connection.

A couple of things to consider to ensure you maximise the result and nail the appointment:

  • Have a strong case.
    Have a case that is compelling enough to give your prospect cause to listen. You want them to stop and think.
  • Be creative.
    You want people to say: “Wow that sounds interesting, so there are four reasons why homes aren’t selling in (suburb name)”.
  • Master execution.
    Delivery must be strong, unique to you and as natural as possible.

Here are some of the cut-through questions:

  • What do you believe stopped your home from selling?
  • If you did sell, where were you planning on moving to?
  • How soon do you have to be there?

There are four reasons why homes aren’t selling in (suburb name):

  • Discuss the four Ps- price, process, presentation and promotion.
  • Would it cause you a problem if we had your home sold in the next 30 days?
  • If we could get your price, are you a seller today?

Happy prospecting.

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