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How to focus on the process first and the goal second

Top coach Claudio Encina shares his advice on how to keep productivity at an all-time high

Q: What would you suggest I do to finish the year strongly? Matt Newey, Fitzpatricks Real Estate, Wagga

A: If you need to bring your A-game to the rest of the year, there are several things you need to ‘marry’.

Most agents get stuck focusing on a goal, a result or an outcome, and if you’re not on track to reach it, you start to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Instead, divorce your goal or result and marry the process needed to reach that goal.

It may all sound a little weird, so let me give you a couple of examples.

Instead of focusing on the goal of increasing listings and sales, let that go and marry the process required to get there.

Make your focus having 20 conversations a day, adding three new contacts to your database, making one social media post, door-knocking 20 houses per day and delivering 100 flyers a day.

When you divorce the goal and marry the process, that’s when the magic happens and listings and sales appear.

If you want to lose 10kg, forget about the figure and instead focus on completing five 60-minute workout sessions, drinking three litres of water and watching your diet.

Divorce the goal, marry the process and the target will appear.

Your habits come from your daily activities compounded over time.

Your activities are the result of the choices you make in the moment.

When people are asked what they are searching for, most say happiness.

So how do you find happiness each day?

The answer is simple: you play the best version of yourself every day and marry a series of processes to cover different facets of your life.

This creates energy, attitude and begins to affect your results all because of your vibration.

Vibration is everything. How you feel on the inside radiates to those on the outside.

Decide on what process you’re going to marry and you will have a happy relationship with yourself.

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