Coming clean: the most satisfying TikTok videos

End Of Tenancy London has analysed which cleaning videos have the highest like-to-view ratio on TikTok, highlighting the trends which leave viewers most satisfied.

Cleaning videos on TikTok are incredibly popular with the #cleantok accruing a whopping 32.5 billion views.

With more than 8.7 million likes and 22.7 million views, the @cleaning_dirtycoins video, which involved cleaning the surface of a coin with five special ingredients to make one side shiny, came in as the most satisfying cleaning video on TikTok with a 1:2.61 like-to-view ratio.

The second most satisfying video involved cleaning a child’s room for her friends to come over. The video, from @jettsetfarmhouse’s, has racked up more than 3.6 million likes and 15.2 million views, with a 1:4.22 like-to-view ratio.

Taking third place is @cleanwithrab’s video of cleaning hot chocolate off a cream carpet an hour before a house viewing. The video tracks the progress of the clean with a nerve-wracking countdown and has a like-to-view ratio of 1:4.31.

Source: End of Tenancy London.

In-house expert Ivan Ivanov said the cleaning process itself is often why the videos are so satisfying to watch.

“With cleaning seen as a chore by many it may come as a surprise to some that #cleantok is so popular,” Mr Ivanov said.

“However, as cleaning is a common errand for everyone around the globe, no matter the language of the creator, videos can be appreciated by all. 

“The popularity of these videos is often due to showing visual before and after results of the cleaning process, revealing how much the space or item has improved. This comparison provides a sense of satisfaction for viewers.”

Mr Ivanov said short cleaning videos can make viewers feel better very quickly.

“Psychologically, cleanliness has been correlated with mental ease, and the short format of TikTok videos provides instant gratification,” he said.

“These factors highlight why cleaning videos are getting such traction and receiving high ‘like to view’ ratios.”

CleanTok enthusiast Courtney Cole said watching cleaning videos has the same impact on her as doing the work.

“Being in a clean, tidy space in my own life is something that always makes me feel relaxed and instantly calm and I really believe in ‘tidy room, tidy mind’,” she said.

“Cleaning videos have almost the exact same effect and make me feel instantly peaceful and satisfied.” 

Ms Cole said TikTok cleaning videos are inspiring to many people.

“It definitely inspires me to clean,” she said.

“Whilst the videos themselves are satisfying, they almost make me crave the feeling of cleaning my room.”

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