Energy-saving AI tech trialled in CBD offices and malls

AMP Capital has started to roll out new energy saving Artificial Intelligence technology in a number of its Australian office buildings and retail centres. 

The technology “regulates building comfort and energy use automatically to reflect changes in outside temperature and occupancy of the building”, and was developed by Canadian company BrainBox AI.

It is predicted to result in a 20-40 per cent reduction in the company’s carbon footprint, will decrease energy spending by up to 20 per cent, and provide improved comfort to occupants of the buildings.

AMP Capital plans to roll out the technology across 40 buildings in Australia and New Zealand by Q1 2021. It is already being piloted at 255 George St and Macquarie Centre in Sydney, and Stud Park Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

“This industry-defining technology is a major step forward in making buildings more environmentally friendly, as well as creating exceptional customer experiences and ultimately driving significant value and cost efficiencies for our investors,” explains AMP Capital’s Head of Asset Technology, Daniel Lepore.

“Practically, this technology moves in step and even ahead of the weather.

“On a cold day it will automatically increase the temperature to suit the climate and vice versa on a hot day.

“For too long air conditioning systems have been too slow to react to changes in the weather, resulting in buildings using more energy than required and a poor user experience.

“We won’t have to wait for our customers to pick up the phone, the system will respond before there is even an issue.

“This technology has never been more important. As property managers we need to be able to react and adapt to industry change, and with COVID-19, people need to feel safe and comfortable when leaving home to work or shop.

“This technology also considers occupancy when producing its predictions, which is crucial in current times when this is hard to predict,” Mr Lepore said.

Ben Gill, Head of Country, Australia & New Zealand at BrainBox AI said the company was thrilled to be partnering with AMP Capital “to make their entire real estate portfolio more energy efficient and significantly greener:.

“BrainBox AI’s goal is to provide real estate owners with the most advanced AI technology in the world that not only autonomously adapts to the changing conditions of buildings, but creates a more comfortable environment for its occupants,” Mr Gill said.

“AMP Capital’s forward-thinking approach to the integration of technology in real estate reflects the future of building management and what will be required to dramatically decrease our built environment’s impact on climate change.”

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Nathan Jolly

Nathan Jolly was an in-house journalist with Elite Agent. He worked with the company from July 2020 to December 2020.