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Domain launches open API

Domain Group has launched an open API allowing developers, businesses, and partners to access the company’s property datasets.

“This is the first move of its kind in Australia’s property space and one that has the power to reshape the future of innovation for the industry,” said Simon Farrugia, Senior Product Manager, Platforms & API at Domain Group.

“To date, it has been timely and costly for a start-up or established business to quickly move on an idea. It typically involves filling out forms, signing an NDA and agreeing to contracts. The delivery often involves working with manual data exchanges, which is error-prone and inefficient. We are removing the barriers and democratising our property data, and encouraging innovation.

“This is an exciting move for Domain Group and a huge step forward for the property sector as a whole.”

Mark Cohen, Domain Group’s CTO, said: “Opening up our property data is a new way for us to strengthen relationships with our partners and build our position as a leading property platform. The wealth of data Domain Group holds provides enormous value to the Australian property industry and we look forward to seeing what innovations eventuate from this.”

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Azal Khan

Azal Khan was a in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.