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Buyer’s agent Cohen Handler launches standalone auction bidding assistance

Bidding at an auction may now be less stressful for some Australian homebuyers with the launch of AuctionWiz, a new platform engineered by buyers’ agency Cohen Handler, providing standalone auction bidding assistance.

Starting  Monday, customers looking for representation from a buyer’s agent on auction day can sign up to AuctionWiz and connect with a Cohen Handler buyers’ agent for assistance throughout the auction process, including representing them at their chosen auction either over the phone, on email or in person.

“In the last 16-18 months, we have witnessed a huge demand for dedicated bidding assistance, particularly in Melbourne where the vast majority of properties go to auction,” said Cohen Handler co-founder and chief executive Ben Handler.

“In today’s extremely competitive real estate market, inexperienced buyers are wary about going up against the more seasoned investors, and are continuously missing out on the right opportunities, or overpaying for a property when emotion gets in the way.”

The idea for AuctionWiz began when Cohen Handler offered a similar standalone service as primary sponsor of Cooley Auctions in Double Bay. Now, evolving into a general service for auction bidding assistance, the full features of AuctionWiz will be available over the next few months, including reviews and the capability for a user to select their own buyers’ agent to help them on auction day.

AuctionWiz will be available for customers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane while the agency will also continue to offer auction bidding assistance as part of their full purchasers’ agent package.

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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.