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Buyer’s agency Cohen Handler launches education program

Buyer’s agency Cohen Handler has launched an e-learning platform to educate those looking to join the industry in Australia.

The Buyer’s Agent Institute is a five week education program aimed at providing the right information to those who wish to understand what it takes to become a buyer’s agent.

Ben Handler, CEO and co-founder of Cohen Handler, says the idea stemmed from the flood of questions and queries Cohen Handler received about the industry, and a lack of sufficient information available anywhere in Australia information to help allow for an effective decision to be made.

“My co-founder Simon Cohen and I are constantly being asked what it takes to become a buyer’s agent,” said Mr Handler.

“When I look at real estate agents, there are about 65,000 in the country there are only a small percentage who do well and perform well. People often do not know what they are getting themselves into, they just get a certificate online. What we are saying is, let’s take a step back and this is the opportunity for you to understand what the game is about.”

“Those that are exploring a career in the sector are consistently being met with roadblocks on the way — mainly due to a lack of information and education available to help understand what it’s like to be a buyer’s agent.

“…now we want to ensure that those who are interested in pursuing a career are basing their decision on the right information from experts in the field.”

Run over six weeks, students will have access to educational materials from Cohen Handler, live Q&A sessions with Ben Handler and Simon Cohen, and access to a mentoring program.

The objective of the Buyer’s Agent Institute is to ensure that all potential buyer’s agents have the right information, and understand what the industry is about, before they join the sector.

Specifically, the material in the course is providing information on day-to-day activities on being a buyer’s agent, ways to find business and prospecting channels. Mr Handler says this information is targeted at the consultative approach the business follows.

“I talk people through the sales process that we have developed and used, how people can go from $0 to $250,000 in revenue. I talk them through how to find customers through proven channels.  We talk about everything else that is part of becoming a buyer’s agent, the ups and downs and all the mistakes we have made.”

“Our six week e-learning program will arm students with the knowledge to decide whether a career as a buyer’s agent is the right one for them. 

“This is not a marketing or hiring strategy,” said Mr Handler.

“We genuinely want all buyer’s agents across Australia to be putting their best foot forward. And in order to do that, you need to have people that are interested in, and informed about this career path. Having spearheaded the buyer’s agent industry in Australia, we want to ensure that the high standard and quality of buyer’s agents continue to be consistent. Education is one part of this approach. 

“We’ve had plenty of people ask about whether we’re concerned about creating competition for ourselves, but we’re looking at the bigger picture — we want to ensure that all buyer’s agents are educated to the same high standards as our Cohen Handler employees, and are as passionate about the industry as well are.”

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Azal Khan

Azal Khan was a in-house features writer for Elite Agent Magazine.