Buckingham Palace valued at £1.3 billion

If you wanted to get a taste for the life of a Royal and live in Buckingham Palace you’re going to need to come up with £1.3 billion (AUD$2.3 billion).

That’s how much the famous property is worth according to retired property developer McCarthy Stone.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Stone estimates the value of Buckingham Palace has likely increased £100 million (AUD$177 million) since before the pandemic, benefiting from a hot housing market.

The total value of the UK’s Royal property portfolio, including castles and lodges across the country, hit £6.57 billion (AUD$11.68 billion) in 2022, up £460 million (AUD$816 million) since 2019.

Stone also estimates Buckingham Palace could be rented out for £2.6 million (AUD$4.6 million) a month if the Royal Family ever wanted tenants, based on a review of each property’s size, number of rooms and location.

While the values of some of the world’s most famous real estate might be sky-high, they are technically the property of the UK and held in trust for future generations and not owned by the House of Windsor.

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Rowan Crosby

Rowan Crosby is a senior journalist at Elite Agent specialising in finance and real estate.