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Barry Plant Group throws its support behind Women’s Property Initiatives

The Barry Plant Group has rendered its support in helping bolster more funds towards Property Initiatives Real Estate, a social enterprise run by the Women’s Property Initiatives (WPI) in Melbourne.

Barry Plant Group said the collaboration will see WPI’s social enterprise benefitting from its professional services which include running a better-managed rent roll and achieving maximum profitability through the advice given by its property management specialist, Yvonne Martin.

Proceeds received from the enterprise will be used towards running WPI philanthropic efforts such as providing affordable housing for women and children who are victims of domestic and family violence and are at risk of becoming homeless.

“The availability of decent, low-cost rental accommodation is a growing concern in Victoria, and women are at the greatest risk of homelessness due to some well-publicised social factors,” said Barry Plant chief executive Mike McCarthy in a statement on Monday.

“Supporting an organisation that provides safe, affordable housing for at-risk women and their children is a tangible way in which we can help combat the disadvantage that vulnerable people in our society often suffer.”

Barry Plant will also take referrals for home sales from Property Initiatives Real Estate, capitalising on its network and professional skills to ensure that the best price is received for the property listed by the agency which will help bolster more funds for WPI’s initiatives.

In addition to that, Barry Plant will be working with WPI to help them gain additional benefits and income streams from its financial arm, Chapter Financial Services, and the industry-owned connections business, YourPorter.

“Affordable, appropriate and secure housing is a basic need and right that is not being adequately provided for by the Government or private sectors,” says Jeanette Large, chief executive of WPI and principal of Property Initiatives Real Estate.

“Affordable housing is the foundation for building a better life, and is a key factor in the reduction of ‘next generation’ poverty,” she said.

Established by WPI in April 2015, the Property Initiatives is a real estate agency which provides comprehensive sales, leasing, property management and buyers advocacy services across inner-Melbourne.

The enterprise also acts as an alternative source of income to WPI, in addition to the government grants it currently receives.

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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.