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Aussie startup just became your ideal housemate

House sitting just got a makeover with My Home Watch (MHW), a GPS tracked, live streamed, paid-for service that helps homeowners do a range of things pertaining to their housing needs while away from the property.

From putting the bins out and looking after pets and plants to taking the mail and papers in and checking for pest infestations, MHW is the first home watching service in the country, set up due to increasing demand for more home security and peace of mind while away.

The trend for these services has been growing exponentially in the US, Canada and Europe, and now it’s about to take Australia by storm.

MHW founder and CEO Natasha Morgan said the company was excited to be launching the service into the Australian market and said her experience was what made the idea come to life.

“When it was time for our first family holiday, I reluctantly called my mum to ask if she’d look after the house while we were away. I felt so guilty. She lived 40 minutes away; then it hit me. I’m not the only one in Australia who has to make that call to ask mum to look after the house.

“So, I worked tirelessly and came up with a service so you can sit on the beach and check your house is in order, while not having to rely on family members or friends messing up your house!”

“I am so excited to bring this service to Aussies across the country,” she said.

MHW founder and CEO Natasha Morgan

She said the company had partnered with NETGEAR’s Arlo video camera that uses the newly launched Arlo Pro, an Australian first, to allow the owner to monitor their home from afar.

The Arlo Smart Security System is a camera system linked to the property owner’s smartphone which offers  HD video quality, live streaming, free cloud recording, instant alerts, and other smart features.

The smart security camera lets the homeowner keep a watch on their home from a variety of angles, indoors and out, day and night.

MHW also GPS tracks their Home Watch Property specialists, with data sent straight to their devices, anytime and anywhere in the world.


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June Ramli

June Ramli was a in-house journalist for Elite Agent Magazine.