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Ask the coach: How to get noticed in a competitive area

Darren Johnson from Century 21 Reservoir Victoria asks, "How do I get noticed when I work in an office that is small fish in the area and I don't get calls for market appraisals?"

The solution to this is quite simple. 

If you came from my era, which was many years ago, the only way to build your name and profile was through letterbox drops and cold calling. 

Today we also live in a society where we can push our messages on multiple channels, either online or offline. 

Diversify your content into the marketplace for the people to notice you. 

Do you mix and match the pieces and content you push out, or is it like most agents with the same old just-listed and just-sold collateral?

If it is, you‘ll need to rectify it as soon as possible if you want to get noticed.

First, make a declaration and commit to these values for the next 12 months and I’ll pretty much guarantee not only will you begin to get noticed, you will begin to gain market share in your core market. 

  1. Commit to frequency. If you’re dabbling with social media or your letterbox drops with a post here and a letterbox drop there, you will never realise the true return on your investment. The actual meaning of frequency is the rate at which something occurs over a particular period of time done at short intervals.
  2. Commit to value. In delivering valuable content to your clients you will automatically exchange value for trust. Examine what you are delivering with your letterbox drops and on social media to ensure it contains something potential clients will find useful.
  3. Commit to consistency. As agents, we are very hands-on when it comes to marketing. But when you’re busy, it can fall by the wayside. Plan your marketing in advance each week, so it becomes automated. This is essential to give you peace of mind as well as know that lead generation happens consistently.
  4. Commit to personality. Every agent has a different personality and style, and your clients buy you. Be as authentic as possible for clients to know your character. Character content on video works wonders. 

The magic happens when you commit because frequency + consistency + value = trust.

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