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Ask the coach – With more buyers feeling more confident, do you have any suggestions on how to manage them?

Top coach Claudio Encina shares his top tips for how to strengthen your relationship with more confident buyers

Buyers have been extremely cautious, nervous and sitting on the fence as they may believe the market will continue to fall.

In my experience in a bad market, great salespeople move the market by selling. The agents who are selling in this market can do three things with a buyer:
1. Create a connection.
2. Build rapport.
3. Develop trust.

To build rapport you need a strategy to improve the buyer experience that starts from an email or at an open home. Think about how can you come from a place of helping rather than selling.

The buyer experience is all about dropping value bombs. That could involve a destination report, which could include:
• A list of sales in the past six months to educate the buyer on price.
• A list of all schools in the area if they have children.

Sell the lifestyle and provide the name and location of the three best coffee shops you highly recommend.

Another example of a value bomb is to aim for private appointments to delve deeper into whether a client is a circumstantial buyer, an aspirational buyer or a highly-motivated buyer. It can be hard to find this out at a busy open home.

Write a list of value bombs you could implement into a buyer management system and watch your relationship level up with buyers this spring.

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