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Ask the Coach: How to Stand Out from the Crowd in your Listing

With our Transform Masters program concluded, we revisit some of the great questions the participants had for head coach Claudio Encina.

Q. How do we stand out from the crowd when it comes to listing? Are people more inclined to go to a tech-savvy agent or is the old way still the good way? – Kaly Smith, KS Property Solutions

It is a crowded world out there, with a lot of agencies and listings vying for customer attention. Here are a number of thought starters on how you can make yourself stand out and talk to the right people with your marketing.


The very first question you should ask is ‘Who is your customer?’ It’s vital to know who you are talking to, and it can be just as useful to work out who you are not trying to talk to. For example, your marketplace is full of millennials. High tech and social media platforms might be the best strategy to target that audience for that listing.

Action step: Write down exactly who it is you want to appeal to.


The next thing to work out is exactly what motivates your customers. Ask these questions to get an idea: Do they care most about value, quality, speed, reliability, convenience or something else? Work out the main drivers; if you are unsure it is always a good idea to ask your existing customers.

Action step: Write down what is most important to your customer.


Are you able to differentiate yourself? What is your degree of separation from your competition?

If you can’t find something that makes you stand out, you need to add something special to what you do and then let people know about it.

Remember that your front window is a valuable marketing site – it’s basically a big free billboard.

And don’t forget to get inventive in your marketing, especially Facebook Ads as they are cost effective. It doesn’t have to be expensive to work.

Action step: Work out what is most special about how you deliver your service, or the most distinct advantage you have, and then put it in a way that makes you stand out from your competitors.

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