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Ask the Coach: How to rediscover your lost drive

Top coach Claudio Encina answers your questions about motivation and what's next on your goals.

Q. I’ve achieved my goals for the last couple of years and feel like I have lost the drive. Any tips to help me rediscover it?  – Mario Esposito, McGrath Dee Why

This happens with so many agents; we accomplish a goal and we think, ‘OK, what’s next?’ Just recently I was working with a client who had hit his first million GCI. After all the hoo-ha he felt lost as to where to go next.

I asked him to consider his big ten-year dream – it’s important to wake up excited knowing where you want to be in the future. Understand the difference between busy work and your life’s work, which is your ‘big dream’. To reach your ‘big dream’, or any dream for that matter, your approach has to be intentional. When you change to be more intentional every day, you become more attached to the ‘big dream’; when you are less intentional about it, you become unattached and less inspired, and before you know it another year has gone by.

Life is short. We’re only allotted so much time to make our mark. I say that’s all the more reason to get focused. Determine what outputs really matter to you at this stage in your life; chart your five fastest moves to accomplish your ‘big dream’ and make it happen while getting insanely good at what you do. From there, the world is yours.

To get unstuck, decide what you want, the biggest goal or dream you need to plan out right now, and write it down.

  • Write down the emotions you will feel when you reach it
  • Determine the five fastest moves that will help you leap forward towards that goal
  • Think of five people who have achieved that dream whom you can study, seek out, interview or model
  • Decide the less important activities or the bad habits you’re going to cut out of your schedule so that you can focus more on your ‘big dream’
  • What part of the day will you schedule for distractions, such as emails, texts and so on, and not allow distractions to schedule you?
  • Think of three skills you could develop that would help you feel more confident or capable
  • What simple steps could you take to improve those skills?
  • What five moves will you focus on between now and the end of the year to achieve a level of accomplishment?

When you reach your smaller goals, remember they are part of the big dream you are chasing.

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