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Ask the Coach: How to present an offer in a slow market

Coach Claudio Encina tackles reader questions on improving communication skills, including the awkward price reduction conversation.

Q. How can I get my vendors to accept an offer in a slow market? I feel they’re starting to lose faith in me. – Raymond Indrawan, Win Real Estate Mulgrave Victoria

Not many agents put much thought into the words they use when presenting offers to vendors. They don’t seem to understand that words have the power to make or break a sale at any stage.

You could have vendors excited about an offer and ready to go ahead, then say one wrong word. The sale comes to a screeching halt and you aren’t even sure why. The vendor stalls. They back-pedal. They want to think it over. What happened?

I see it happen all the time. You have to work out why this offer is an advantage for the vendor rather than for your own self-interest (commission).

Sometimes our dialogue can create negative emotions. You created doubt about the benefits they would receive from the sale. They got scared and put up a quick defence barrier to keep the sale from going any further.

You see, words create pictures in our minds. Those pictures then cause us to have certain emotions – either negative or positive.

Many agents don’t understand that words have the power to make or break a sale at any stage.

The goal of anyone in sales, or any other position where they need to persuade others, is to create only positive emotions with positive mental pictures. Negative mental pictures create fear or cause people to raise defence barriers against whatever you’re offering. Be careful in being too aggressive, pushing hard on an offer, as this can cause people to lose interest in you. Before you know it, they’re thinking about using another agent.

The key to closing every opportunity is to eliminate fear in the minds of your vendors. It works like this: Words create pictures that create emotions. People make decisions emotionally, then they defend their decisions with logic. So it’s critical to closing that you understand how to eliminate negative emotions and create positive ones. Vendor empathy is the fastest way to winning more sales!

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