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Ask the Coach: How to get out of the sales rut

Top coach Claudio Encina answers your questions about motivation and how to cope with a sales slump.

Q. Any tips to get yourself out of a sales slump or rut? – Paul Ephron, Richardson & Wrench Bondi Junction

The first thing is to let go of the past and don’t think about the future; just focus on what’s important right now – the present. Thinking about the past and the future can bring anxiety and stress. High achievers are able to manage their moods and emotions through the highs and lows of the real estate rollercoaster.

Getting yourself out of a sales slump starts with your self-talk, as that becomes your thoughts. Your thoughts become your focus, your focus becomes your actions and your actions lead to your results.

Self-talk is critical. Focus is nothing more than the questions you repeatedly ask yourself. It’s how you determine your focus that counts; it’s the power of the right question that ultimately produces that attitude, which in turn determines the kind of actions you take. So if you want to be in the right action you’ve got to have the right attitude, starting with your body, your self-talk, and your focus.

When you take action – when you make those phone calls, knock on those doors, do the things you know you’re supposed to do to go out and win – you produce results. And the results simply reinforce your body, your self-talk and your focus.

Think about it like this. Does your income get impacted by your personal psychology? Does your income get impacted by the way you move your body? You and I both know confidence with your clients is everything, and if you’re walking around in a sulky state they don’t want to buy from you. If your self-talk is slightly off around the customers it’s almost like they can smell it – like sales B.O. Wherever you put your focus the customer is going to follow.

All these things are critical to your success as a salesperson: attitude, actions and results. Get into the right state of mind, cast a larger net and produce the kind of results you desire.

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