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Ask the Coach: How to Get More Consistent with your Prospecting

Top coach Claudio Encina answers your questions on how to get more consistent with your prospecting.

Q. I’m struggling to find consistency with my prospecting. Any advice? – Yenson Mui, The Agency Wollongong

Firstly, understand that we are currently going through some interesting times in real estate, especially that ‘D’ word – disruption. The market will punish any agents who are C or D players, so lowering your standards in a changing market is not an option.

Focus on what matters; everything else is a distraction. The number one appointment in your calendar is ‘Prospecting’ or what I call your ‘profit zone’. Without setting appointments or market appraisals you won’t have listings, meaning you won’t have a business.

We all have potential and ability, but the truly successful agents are able to tap into their full potential and ability every day. They know the number that will guarantee their success and business by knowing how many conversations they need to have each day. Work out what your number is and ‘just do it’ consistently, daily, and you will guarantee the success you deserve to have a thriving business.

Secondly, crush the micro-moments in your life, when one half of your mind says, ‘Don’t worry about the calls today; make them up tomorrow’. Has that ever worked out for you? You’re not alone. Next time you have a hesitation habit creep in, try saying to yourself, ‘I’m the type of person who will have 30 conversations today and book one market appraisal and feel good about it.’ Keep repeating it until you eventually pick up the phone and start making the calls.

Another way that has helped me was to have a photo of my family on our last holiday, a trip to Disneyland. That photo sat next to my phone with a speech bubble saying, ‘C’mon, Daddy, book one appointment today so we can have another amazing holiday’. That really fired me up as it was important for me to create memorable moments as a family with holidays.

What fires you up? I know a client who had a picture of an agent in his core market who held market share. He believed he was a better agent, so he was fired up to outlist him – and it worked! A year later he became number one in his core market.

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