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Ask the Coach: How to be a better leader in real estate

Top coach Claudio Encina answers our reader’s burning real estate questions. Here, he tackles the topic of leadership.

Q. I want to be a better leader and connect better with my staff. Any tips? – Ben Lawson, Lawson Estate Agents Lake Macquarie

As a principal, understand your leadership style. Some principals have a style that is nonrelational and they are usually seen as no-nonsense leaders. Positional leaders often use their positions to distance themselves from subordinates. High-achieving principals in an office sometimes intimidate their agents by their results. But when principals are relational, their agents naturally get closer to them, and that sometimes means they may be taken advantage of.

To connect better with your staff, develop authentic relationships by being authentic.

You must admit to your faults or mistakes; be the real deal to receive the trust and respect of your team.

Every person in your team needs someone to come alongside them to help them improve. As a principal, it is your responsibility and privilege to be the person who helps them do that.

Finally, great principals are ‘caring and candid’.  Care without candour creates a dysfunctional relationship. Candour without care creates resentment. Your aim is to have a balanced, caring and candid relationship to create a solid rapport.

So, know your leadership style and be authentic to be valued and trusted.

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