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Ask The Coach: Consistent Prospecting

Real estate coach and performance mentor, Claudio Encina is in the hot seat answering your most pressing questions around everything to do with sales productivity and process.

Q. Sometimes I feel guilty not doing my prospecting calls. Any advice on how to be more consistent? Noemi Guttmann, Black Diamondz International

Consistency is easier said than done, especially doing the daily dials of 30 to 50 per day. Firstly, let’s understand how the mind works and the emotions we sometimes feel. Feelings and emotions are a message there to serve us: something must change.

There are different types of feelings that we receive. The key is to handle them as follows:

  1. Identify that this is a signal to change your ‘state’
  2. Appreciate and know that the feeling is here to serve you
  3. Clarify what you want
  4. Decide what process or procedure you will take to eliminate this feeling (action steps).

Let’s take the example of you doing your 50 calls a day. How do you feel when you don’t make the calls? I would say perhaps you feel guilty or even angry. Why? Because you have violated one of your standards. You see, we all have a set of standards within us regarding our work, health, relationships, family, and so on. By not making your 50 dials you have violated one of your high standards and that is why you start to feel guilty or angry at yourself.

So how do you get the power back and master your feelings and emotions? I would recommend using this exercise to resolve them.

  1. It’s a signal; something must change (gotta do the calls!)
  2. This feeling of guilt is here to serve me
  3. Clarify what you want (a feeling of power and being in control of my day)
  4. What is the process or procedure you will take to eliminate this feeling? (Do my 50 dials, because I recognise the feeling and state I want to achieve: a happy state).

It’s that simple if you apply the above and become more conscious of your state of self-awareness. The peak performers are very in tune with their self awareness and have support structures, especially around their mindset, to conquer anything.

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