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Ask the coach: Where should I focus now?

Coach Claudio Encina offers his advice on where agents should focus their energy at the halfway point of the year to make sure they finish on top at the end.

Q. What advice would you give agents moving through the second quarter of the year? – Shaun Ramani, Stone Real Estate Sans Souci

Take the time to reflect on the first quarter of 2019 and enjoy some of the success you achieved.

Speaking to a lot of agents in the trenches, there definitely seems to be some renewed confidence now the election is behind us.

I’m seeing strong activity in some markets.

We can control the things we can control.

Consider what this will mean in terms of the amount of activity we will harness in the second quarter of the year.

There will be more opens, more auctions, more buyers, more potential sellers and extraordinary amounts of data gathered at opens or market appraisals.

The market is definitely seeing a positive shift. People are tired of sitting on their hands as they did last year and are prepared to sell and buy.

They remain cautious, expect great value and will punish agents who wait for business to come to them.

This is the perfect market, with enough buyers to create the urgency you need, attract the right range of buyers and elevate the listing well above a growing level of competition.

What you need to focus on right now:

  • data
  • delegation
  • discipline
  • deadlines
  • days off.

This is a market to really enjoy and capitalise on between now and the end of the year.

Keep up your intensity and focus to reap the rewards.

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