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Agent Profile: Nicola Buchanan

Following a successful career in marketing and advertising, Nicola Buchanan retrained in real estate. Now using that background in running her own agency, @realty Bundall on the Gold Coast, Nicola explains how her talents and experience blend perfectly with those of business partner Scott Euler to offer a boutique service to clients.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your role at @realty.
I retrained in real estate about two and a half years ago, when the youngest of my three children started school. Before having kids, I had a successful career in marketing and advertising, and while I loved this field of work I didn’t want to go back to a nine-to-five job with inflexible hours. I partnered up with Scott Euler early in my real estate career. Both coming from big business backgrounds we were keen to get out on our own and offer our own brand of service. The @realty model, which supports agents to run their own business, has been ideal for us.

What motivated you to get into real estate?
I’ve always been interested in real estate, having invested in and renovated properties for over 20 years. I was looking for a career that would enable me to use my marketing and interior design skill set, and yet be flexible around the needs of my busy family. Running my own business through the @realty model has enabled me to do this. How lucky to have a career that combines my passion for property with my marketing and design background!

How lucky I am to have a career that combines my passion for property with my marketing and design background!

What makes your agency stand out from the crowd?
We offer a boutique service with the backing of the national @realty network. They take care of all our back end, which allows us to focus on the important stuff – delivering great service to our clients. Scott and I have very different skill sets, but both of us had extensive experience in negotiating multi-million dollar contracts throughout our previous careers. Between us we can offer our clients a great wealth of knowledge and experience, from styling a home ready for marketing, creating effective and economic marketing material that works (that’s my job) and making sure we manage our contracts right through to closure. That’s where Scott’s construction background comes in handy – he can do a mean analysis of a pest and building report and make those contracts stick!

Who or what inspires you?
I’m lucky to have always been surrounded by smart and sassy ladies. My mum is the smartest person I know and most of my friends own their own small businesses or have fast-paced careers. It takes a special kind of tenacity to make a go of that while managing a family. It’s inspiring and contagious, and I’m grateful to have their energy in my life.

In your ‘briefcase’ right now is…
My notebook – it goes everywhere with me as if I don’t write it down I forget it. My phone, glasses, snacks, a good black pen and about five tubes of lippy!

Something (or someone) you couldn’t live without?
My phone and my very patient husband.

What do you enjoy most about Elite Agent Magazine?
Reading about other agents kicking goals in their businesses. There are always good ideas to borrow and seeing others succeed helps to keep me motivated.

Any words to live by?
About 20 years ago I was lucky to hear Bryce Courtney speak. He said he had lived his life with the mantra ‘Somebody’s got to do it, and it might as well be me’. That has stuck with me, and I have blatantly borrowed it and used it as my own!

What are your goals for 2018?
The Commonwealth Games are coming to the Gold Coast, which will have a great effect on both the property market and the Gold Coast community. It will be an exciting time to be a Gold Coaster. My goal is to simply enjoy this special year and reap the benefits of this event both personally and professionally.

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