ACproperty partners with ListGlobally to give agents access to 120 international property portals

Chinese property portal ACproperty has moved forward in their partnership with ListGlobally to launch, an international property portal. Managing director Esther Yong told us more about the partnership and their plan for international property domination.

“Agents put their listings on ACproperty and Chinese buyers come on the site, send enquiries or call them directly. Very similar to REA or Domain, but focused on both Chinese and local buyers,” said Ms Yong.

The portal is very successful in their targeting of Chinese buyers, but when the time came to look at a global market they recognised a partnership would allow them to bring their skills to the global property scene. Enter ListGlobally, who ACproperty partnered with in early 2017.

ListGlobally is the largest real estate advertising network which helps agents advertise their listings on the world stage. The site syncs property listings to a range of sites around the world, and automatically translates them into 16 languages. The ListGlobally network covers 120 portals across over 60 countries, including top portals like Anjuke, Fang and 99acres.

Ms Yong said that the partnership with ListGlobally was born out the significant crossover between the two platforms, the Chinese buyers who were attracted to ACproperty were sometimes interested in property in other countries.

“They understand the international market and they’re very IT driven, they have very good technology,” said Ms Yong.

“We’ve been working with them to merge all our Australian clients to the international platform.”

Now there’s, an International Chinese property portal born out of the partnership. Clients who publish through ACproperty are now able to not only list on Sodichan, but also across the international ListGlobally network, allowing them to access more potential buyers than ever before.

“What I’m really excited for is that when our clients come to us, it’s not just Chinese buyers anymore. You’re talking about international buyers across the whole world, I think that’s really cool,” said Ms Yong.

“Yes, China is the biggest market now, but there’s a lot of international interest coming.”

Ms Yong said there’s more in being able to access these international buyers than just selling property. It’s about being able to broaden the database a network can access. Some properties won’t be eligible for international buyers, but being able to connect with that audience has a wider benefit.

“A lot of people buying in Australia have a reason to be there. Maybe they have family here, or plans to migrate here,” said Ms Yong.

“We have very strong international rental enquiries. You might want to buy a property, but you want to rent for half a year first.

“It’s about slowly expanding the type of buyer in the database.”

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Hannah Blackiston

Hannah Blackiston was an in-house journalist with Elite Agent. She worked with the company from January 2018 to January 2019.