7 wild and wonderful listings on Zillow

Every year celebrity and other high-end homes seem to be getting bigger, bolder and at times a little bit crazy.

The fan-favourite Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild has trawled through the wackiest and out-there listings from around the world on the US listing portal Zillow and we’ve put together a collection of the most impressive and at times absurd homes.

Glass Onion

Fans of the Netflix film Glass Onion, featuring Daniel Craig and Edward Norton, will be familiar with the lavish and mysterious luxury home featuring the iconic glass centrepiece.

While on the surface it appears that the home is on sale for a modest US​​$450 million, in reality, the listing was nothing more than a publicity stunt for the film.

Nevertheless, it would make for nice commission if the property did exist.

The fictional listing describes a 17-bedroom, 22-bathroom floor plan spread across 2700sq m of living space and sitting on 26 acres.

Hill House

If you wanted the perfect location for your next Hollywood blockbuster then look no further than this two-structure modern home in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.

Affectionately known as the ‘Hill House’, the property sits on almost 20 acres and is connected by large green space.

The three-bedroom, three-bathroom home comprises 2968sq m of living space and comes with a US$3 million price tag according to the official listing.

Jurassic Retreat

Fans of Jurrasic Park are in for a treat with this very unusual home that pays homage to the blockbuster film.

Listed for more than US$1.29 million and recently selling for US$1 million, the three-bedroom, two-bathroom home includes 200sq m of living space and sits on 2.03 acres. 

But importantly, it boasts plenty of dinosaur paraphernalia.

North Pole

Christmas has come and gone, and that means it’s the perfect time to sell your property – if you live on the North Pole.

It’s an exclusive neighbourhood too, with only one listing available: a three-bedroom, two-bathroom home on 25 acres. 

The property also comes with a three-home elf village, if the listing is to be believed.

Taylor Swift’s former home

Taylor Swift’s former rental property in New York is back on the market for a modest US$45,000 a month. 

While the townhouse is low-key by celebrity standards, it still comes with four bedrooms, six bathrooms and boasts 500sq m of living space and a very unique front door.

Medieval Japanese Roman villa

This home in St. Albans in England has been labelled “part Japanese, part medieval cloister, part Roman villa” by Grand Designs host Kevin McCloud.

The unique property is on the market for £5.95 million and includes 480sq m of living space.

It’s set on two acres with five bedrooms and five bathrooms, according to the listing.

Halloween lover’s delight

This 1870s historical home was formerly owned by Elias and Hetty Woodstone.

Boasting a secret vault, it used to be the site of a Revolutionary War encampment. 

It’s also been said Viking remains were found on the property.

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Rowan Crosby

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