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The Agency expands to Sydney’s south-west

Liverpool property specialists Eva Frketic and Ben Marovic are set to head up The Agency’s new operation in the heart of Sydney’s south-west.

Dubbed Sydney’s ‘third city’, Liverpool is thriving and is one of the fastest-growing multi-cultural hubs in Australia, with the new $5.3 billion Western Sydney Airport due for operational completion by 2026 and a continuing population boom.

The Agency CEO Matt Lahood said the area’s prosperity had put it on The Agency’s radar some time ago, but they had been waiting for the right real estate partnership to launch into the region.

“South-west Sydney is such an important and burgeoning property market in Sydney given its rising status as an international transport hub – ensuring we launched with the right team was vital,” Mr Lahood said.

Eva Frketic and Ben Marovic are not only talented and highly respected local agents, but they are a wonderful cultural fit with The Agency bringing integrity, authenticity, and an extremely high level of service to their operation.”

Having grown up in the area and with well over a decade of real estate experience, Ms Frketic has an intimate knowledge of the south-west and its local communities.

This community connection is something she values deeply, along with her passion for the region’s future growth and prosperity.

“It’s my home. It’s where I was raised and where I chose to build my own life and set the foundation for my family to thrive,” Ms Frketic said.

“I have absolute respect for the local history and I am excited by the continual development of the south-west corridor.

“The future is bright with significant investment continuing across all levels of government, as well as the corporate and private sectors, this supports the view that Liverpool is predicted to be the third-largest CBD in Sydney.”

Ms Frketic said she chose The Agency for her business’s next phase as she saw there was a key opportunity to bring a fresh and dynamic brand to the area backed by the strength of a national network.

“With access to The Agency’s national network and knowledge, we will elevate the standard for all agents and agencies in the area,” she explained.

“This will be achieved through strong leadership and working with like-minded professionals who are equally as driven as I am, serving their clients and exceeding expectations always.”

Along with The Agency’s national infrastructure, reach and leadership team, Ms Frketic was drawn to the  brand’s ethos of encouraging agents to build their own brand within the corporate brand.

“I have spent many years working hard to build my own brand, so when I contemplated my next step, I was very conscious I found a partner who would allow me to continue this focus on growth, whilst supported by a brand that is confident of its place, foundation and professional reputation,” she said.

“From the outset, my interaction with The Agency gave me an immense degree of confidence that we were aligned on our objectives and that it would be a strong pairing.”

According to The Agency’s National Head of Sales, Thomas McGlynn, the cultural fit is as important as the professional fit for all parties involved.

“Eva Frketic is the consummate professional and the best person to represent us in the south-west area of Sydney,” Mr McGlynn said.

“She possesses a unique combination of characteristics; a delightful nature, she is a great person, but she also exhibits strong business acumen and is an amazing negotiator.

“Eva is supported by Ben Marovic, who brings a youthful enthusiasm and dynamic nature to the partnership and represents the ‘new breed’ of professional real estate agent.”

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