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Juwai launches education channel to help Chinese buyers study and buy property overseas has launched a new Education Channel on its website, dedicated to international education and related properties for Chinese families.

Early sponsors and advertisers on the channel include the Overseas Property & Immigration & Investment Exhibition in Shanghai this December; Hopewell Developments, a leading Canadian developer with a portfolio in Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba and British Columbia; Surterre Properties, the leading luxury residential brokerage in Orange County, California; and Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices of America, the second-largest brokerage operation in the United States.

Carrie Law, CEO and Director of, said, “We want the Education Channel to give Chinese families the help they need to make difficult choices about where they and their children should study and buy property overseas. We will provide news, data, listings and everything they need to plan for what could be the most important years of their children’s lives.

“Primary, secondary and university education are huge drivers for our buyers.

“Chinese parents want their kids to have a good childhood and a bright future. They often feel the Chinese school system is excessively test-based and stressful. Overseas, they believe their children can have an education that develops their whole personality and not just their test-taking skills.

“China is the top source of cross-border students in the world. These fee-paying students provide vital income to many school and university systems that might otherwise be underfunded.

“The top seven destinations for mainland Chinese residential property investment by value are all leading education destinations. They are the USA, Hong Kong SAR, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.

“In Australia this year 187,547 Chinese students are enrolled, making up 30 per cent of all international students. They contribute US$7.3 billion (AU$10 billion) to the Australian economy and create more than 100,000 jobs.

“In New Zealand, Chinese are twice as numerous as the second largest international student group, which is from India. They support more than 11,000 jobs and contribute nearly US$1 billion (NZ$1.4 billion) to the economy.

“For listing and institutional advertisers, this is an opportunity to get exclusive access to a large, qualified audience of Chinese who are actively seeking both overseas property and education. You can enjoy targeted reach and benefit from an increase in consumer enquiries.”

The Education Channel will host news and other content specifically of interest to Chinese families who are seeking an international education and to buy property in which to live while studying overseas.

Chinese-language stories on the channel include, “Why are more and more Chinese students studying at universities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi?” and “How to select a neighbourhood with good schools in the UK.” Another story is, “The best school districts in the United States.”

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