The road ahead for REIA: Anna Neelagama

“I'd like the industry to be singing from one song sheet in terms of what we're saying to the Federal Government. I'd really like us to be thinking about our customers and where they're going and how we can make the Australian property market better…If we can make that experience better for them, businesses are only going to grow.” Anna Neelagama

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Anna Neelagama is the newly-appointed CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Australia.

Before joining the REIA in August last year, she had clocked up an impressive track record in the agribusiness sector as both a CEO and policy director.

Now she’s looking to advocate for real estate with a focus on ensuring government policy settings reflect the needs of both agencies and their customers.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Anna discusses the road ahead for the REIA, including their priorities for the year ahead and what they’ll be advocating for on behalf of the industry.

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In this podcast, Samantha and Anna also discuss:

  •  How Anna brings experience of all sides of government and small business to her REIA leadership role
  • What she predicts is ahead for the property market in 2021, and how the REIA can assist agencies embrace that opportunity
  • What the government needs to know about real estate
  •  Why there should be a universal education system for the real estate sector
  • The importance of united real estate industry associations
  • How agencies can shape the future of their industry

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