Sales Success strategies in challenging times

After learning from Allan and Barbara Pease, many thousands of sales professionals around the world now understand the secrets to the psychology of selling and have been able to skyrocket their professional results.

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About Allan and Barbara Pease

Barbara & Allan Pease are the most successful relationship authors in the business. They have written 18 bestsellers – including 10 number ones – and given seminars in 70 countries. 

Their books are bestsellers in over 100 countries, are translated into 55 languages and have sold over 30,000,000 legal copies.

Praise for Allan and Barbara Pease

Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Allan for a fantastic presentation last week at National Sales Conference, was a great day and is contribution was very much appreciated.
Jennie Harnaman
“I would like to thank the authors Allan Pease and Barbara Pease for their wonderful work. This book has changed my perception towards life. It has helped me re programme my mind. I understand my RAS better and will follow every bit of it going forth. I would like to take this opportunity to thank both of you for changing my perception towards life.”
- Sheena A
I found Allan to be entertaining, knowledgeable and engaging; Barbara is (for me) the epitome of grace in her style, looks and sharing.
Glennis Schindler
“I feel settled and gratefully appreciate the one to one time with Barbara. I know our plans are right and we are on track to take the business to an international level.
Robyn Hansen
“Awesome, informative, approachable, friendly, loads of information about all sorts of topics that related to most people.”
Jo Matheson

This webinar is not just for real estate professionals - anyone in sales can learn how to build better relationships and achieve more.

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