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Your most important KPI: Jodie Stainton

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23 min 21 sec

What You’ll Learn:

Property managers looking to grow their rent rolls must do one key thing – show value.

Exactly how to do this isn’t always straightforward, with Coronis Now Director Jodie Stainton explaining many in the industry get it wrong.

In this Transform 2020 lesson, Jodie explains how showing value is about much more than just returning calls, organising maintenance and doing routine inspections.

She examines how focusing on increasing a landlord’s yield and return on investment are key growth strategies and delves into how the language you use when explaining this to clients can make a huge difference.

Jodie also takes a look at how you can monitor every rental property in your market and how doing this will help you secure new listings.

In this Transform lesson:

  • Jodie’s background in property management and career highlights.
  • Jodie’s role at Coronis Now and how she focuses on getting more property managers into business ownership.
  • The biggest mistakes property managers make, including being too task-orientated.
  • How to win a listing presentation, including why mindset is the first hurdle to jump.
  • Monitoring your market and how you can secure new managements when properties sit vacant.
  • The importance of focusing on yield and return on investment to show your true value as a property manager.
  • How using the right language with clients can make all the difference in how they see you and your service.
  • The importance of maintaining client satisfaction and using your NPS to do this.
  • How having tenants ready to go can help your business grow.

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