Whatever you’re doing now, double it!

Our new regular, Edgar Natolo from Natgroup, has some tips on how to close the year out on a winning note while preparing for success next year.

It is now fast approaching the end of the year. If you imagine this as a sports game you are looking at the home stretch. You are either heading for the win or for the loss. You are now well and truly in the fourth quarter.

December is coming and will go really quick. As we all know activity spikes up and then slows down during Christmas. So, this is really your game time. Across the country, many agents are reporting the market activity at a year high. You should be smashing the results right now, and if you are it’s because you have done all the work, the prospecting 60 to 90 days ago.

In our office we track we track monthly market activity every month for many of the past years and can see the cycles. We’ve got the stock and put in the effort 2 or 3 months ago and that’s why we have got the listings and are doing well right now. So, if you are not on a sales rampage and haven’t got the listings, then it’s time for action, with no time to waste!

If you want to end the year with a bang, you need to get onto it now, and there is not much time left! In Queensland where the agency period is for 60 days, in as of today’s date, the expiry date already takes you to the end of December/start of January 2014. Take out the holiday period and you have even less!

So if you want to start making that money goal, getting ready to go on a holiday or want to take one, want to pay of debts, get a new car, put the time in NOW.

We are in the fourth quarter, go for that win. There’s no time to sit back, relax or take it easy. Amazingly the time that all of us are the most productive is the week before we go on holidays! That’s when priority items get done, when time is not wasted, calls are made. Imagine if we were like that all the time!

So you need to be prospecting, sending out your monthly letters, letterbox drop those ‘Just Sold’ flyers, call your past clients, call and update your buyers, revisit past appraisals.

While your competitors are winding down during December and January and cutting back on their marketing, guess when the best time to become known and grab market share is?

So whatever you are doing now, I say double it. This is the time to put on your sweatband, tuck that shirt in and start running, start hustling, and get hungry.

End the year with a win!

Edgar Natolo is the Managing Director of Natgroup, QLD.

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Edgar Natolo

Edgar Natolo is the Chief Executive Officer at Natgroup Corporation based in Queensland Australia. For more information on Edgar visit https://www.natgroup.net/