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What is DaaS and how will it help my office?

How much time have you spent staring at a computer that won’t turn on, or trying to save files from a server that seems to have crashed forever? Andrew Herrmann says newer tech procurement models like Device as a Service can remove a lot of the pain agencies regularly face in dealing with tech.

As real estate owners, directors, principals and salespeople we have a lot on our plates – not only overseeing the day-to-day operation of a business, but also listing and selling property which, ultimately, is the most important part. One of the last things we need is to deal with an old PC, laptop or server crashing when we’re in the middle of a presentation or prospecting for the next listing.

The good news is times are evolving very quickly, especially in the Device as a Service (DaaS) space. Many real estate offices are employing this new way of purchasing which allows them more time, productivity and cost-benefit – not just at the end of hardware life, but from the very beginning.

What is DaaS?

The DaaS model allows you to buy your hardware on a subscription basis, ensuring you have the latest equipment which is refreshed regularly without the upfront, out-of-pocket expense.

What are the benefits of DaaS?

Predictable costs

By having a per-month per-device cost, agencies are able to predict the average cost per month. It also means there is no large capital expense when employing new staff or refreshing old hardware.

Hardware refresh

So many businesses hold off on updating to the latest technology as the capital expense is too great. With DaaS, the devices can be refreshed every 24 or 36 months to ensure staff are using the most up-to-date technology.


The ability to scale with current business trends is huge in the real estate world. Having the ability to add devices as needed quickly allows the business to adapt to the changing markets.

Device management

One of the greatest benefits is that staff can save precious time and resources looking for help when something goes amiss. The ‘S’ in DaaS stands for service, so support is only a call away and can be handled quickly.

Standardised environment

DaaS allows us to keep a standard operating environment, so all staff have the same equipment. This saves huge amounts of time for IT teams when trying to troubleshoot problems as all staff are using the same hardware

Sexy offices

Looks may not seem important, but first impressions do matter. Having the latest equipment means having an updated-looking infrastructure when buyers or sellers visit our offices.

By outsourcing hardware procurement to a DaaS supplier, real estate agencies can take away the unexpected costs and issues that come with IT hardware and focus on the dollar-productive activities that we all prefer to do – selling and leasing more real estate.

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