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When The Buggles recorded “Video Killed the Radio Star” in 1979 they couldn’t have possibly predicted how the Internet would create ‘video stars’ out of real estate agents in the 21st Century. And now, says Glenn Twiddle, unless you are using video as a property marketing tool, you may end up like yesterday’s radio star.

Believe it or not, in the early nineties there were those who said the internet would be a passing phase in real estate and it wouldn’t take off. Someone’s got egg on their face with that comment! Same thing happened when only a handful of agents were using professional photography to present a property. Now most agents have their properties professionally photographed.

The next evolution in this is the advent of property videos. About 10 per cent of agents are using videos, and guess what? They are normally the agents leading
their areas. And videos aren’t just for buyers. Sellers are approaching agents and saying, ‘Can you do us one of those videos?’ The agent on the receiving end of that question doesn’t need a terribly good listing presentation to win over that seller, do they? You want a listing tool? Then start marketing your properties using video. There is a limited window of opportunity right now, before you will absolutely have to use video in your marketing or you won’t be able to compete. So get on board now and lead the way, or be prepared to play catch-up in the years to come.

Chris Gilmour from All Properties Group has been a fan of using video in marketing for his entire career. “I have been selling between 12 and 24 properties every month, and this is the hardest market I’ve ever seen. My videos are a major contributing factor to the reason why our team is selling properties faster and for more money.”

Here are some ideas and rules to follow:

RULE 1: Boring is akin to business suicide
There has been a lot of talk about Kieran Gray’s outrageous video where he stripped down to his speedos, or #1 agents Chris Gilmour and Michael Spillane’s equally outrageous efforts. Now, you don’t want to be goofy just for the sake of being goofy, but going too far is way better than being invisible. Of course, if both your buyers and your sellers think it’s ridiculous then tone it down a little. But don’t be boring, or you won’t get anywhere near the exposure you could potentially have.

RULE 2: Get Emotional
You want your target market to identify with the emotions associated with buying the advertised property. One great way to do this is to interview the sellers, and have them answer a question like, ‘What will you miss most about living here?’ If your seller is a good representation of the likely buyer of the property, and they have a personality conducive to being on camera, then this is a great option. Chris Gilmour even interviewed a neighbour on camera to great effect, talking about what it’s like living in the neighbourhood.

RULE 3: Use the Community
When dealing with owner/occupiers you are selling more than just a home; you
are selling a lifestyle that living in this community will give the buyer. So film the local shops, beaches, kids playing in a park and other such ‘lifestyle’ activities, as they would be good to show in between shots of the property.

RULE 4: Go Pro!!
Nothing looks worse than a shaky video, filmed on an iPhone, which cheapens the look of the property. Certainly in the absence of a budget do whatever you can, but for very minimal fees there are amazing companies that will shoot a professional video of 30-
90 seconds for about the same cost as a professional photo shoot. So develop your skills at presenting your marketing plans to sellers and add a few hundred dollars for a professional video.

RULE 5: Match your Market!
Like with all markets, it’s best to match what your target market will enjoy and respond to. Kieran Gray’s ‘speedo’ video was scoffed by many agents in other areas of the country, but he achieved a great deal of positive publicity and, in his area, someone attended an auction and bought a four million dollar property wearing his speedos, so for his market his video was completely appropriate. Similarly, Chris Gilmour and Michael Spillane both work in ‘Mum and Dad’ areas, so what may seem outrageous to an agent working in a very professional, inner city marketplace can be completely accepted and even thoroughly enjoyed by the people who live in the local area.

Whether you choose to ‘go pro’ or ‘ham it up’, ensure you get your face on camera, as this is one of the great benefits of video. It makes your clients feel they have gotten to know you a little before they even meet you, building a little rapport and making the listing and selling process much easier.

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Glenn Twiddle

Glenn Twiddle is a real estate coach, trainer and Chief Executive Office at Total Success Summit. For more information visit