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The Property Management team at Doyle Spillane Real Estate, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, has been busy implementing the use of video inspections within their office procedures.

Florida native Todd Breen (virtuallyincredible.com), who presented at last year’s Leading Property Managers of Australia conference, introduced the team to the use of video in Property Management.

The team is currently carrying out video inspections for ingoing condition reports as well as outgoing final inspections, highlighting any damage at the property, cleaning issues and even maintenance tasks. The ingoing inspection video is burned to a DVD and a copy is given to both the landlord and the tenant.

Doyle Spillane’s Property Manager, Stephanie Campbell, said the agency has received a great response both from their landlord and their tenant clients.

“We are the only agency in our area that carries out video inspections and it’s a real point of difference,” said Stephanie. “We have also found that it has rapidly reduced the number of disputes we have with vacating tenants, as they can’t argue with the evidence presented to them on the video. This makes our job much easier and less stressful!

“We have also used the video footage as evidence in recent Tribunal cases, which has been really beneficial,” she added.

“The beauty of it all is that it’s so easy! We film the videos on our digital cameras, come back to the office and burn them straight to disk. You could also film on your iPhone or iPad,” Stephanie says.

Recently the team has created a YouTube channel for Doyle Spillane. Their next goal is to film walk-through video inspections of their properties, upload the video directly to YouTube from an iPad and feature the video with the rental listings on realestate.com and domain.com.

“The possibilities of video and YouTube are endless and it’s very exciting,” Stephanie explains. “It really is the way of the future, and we’re looking to be industry leaders with this use of video technology.”

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