Trade busters delivering efficiencies

Real estate agencies across the country are increasingly turning to outsourcing as a means of delivering greater efficiencies and value to their businesses. In the last decade, outsourcing has gained considerable momentum across many industry sectors including banking, IT and accounting as more organisations witness its considerable advantages. The real estate industry is the latest sector to embrace outsourcing through collaborative partnerships with specialist service providers.

Owners of real estate franchisees associated with L J Hooker, Raine and Horne, McGrath and Belle Property as well as various other agencies have turned to Tradebusters, a national trades service provider to outsource their trades related jobs.

Laorence Nohra, CEO of Tradebusters, is an outsourcing and operational efficiency expert who has held a number of international posts with billion dollar global corporations to establish finance centres of excellence across Asia, Europe and the USA.

Laorence Nohra, CEO of Tradebusters
Laorence Nohra, CEO of Tradebusters


Ms Nohra commented, “Extensive research with various Australian real estate offices found many are decentralised and are operating inefficiently. The outcome of this situation is higher operating costs and an inability to respond to customer needs which inevitably is leading to lost opportunities and customers.”

“Specific operational issues that were identified included high property management personnel turnover and costs due to the pressures associated with managing large portfolios, staff shortages and poorly managed rentals. It was also identified that agencies were missing opportunities to win prospective vendors, through either an inability to support them with property upgrades needed to sell properties, and for existing clients, helping them achieve higher capital values or rental returns”.

She added, “Tradebusters is working with many real estate agencies throughout Australia to unlock the ‘competitive edge’ opportunities that effective outsourcing can deliver in terms of cost and efficiency savings as well as business value. This is being achieved in three key areas.

  1. Firstly, offices are now outsourcing time-consuming and non-income generating activities associated with trade jobs co-ordination, saving significant personnel costs annually, whilst also reducing the risks associated with staff management, skilling and service delivery.
  2. Secondly, working with agents to help maximise property values both pre and post sales through repairs and/or major renovations, adding speed, expertise, and supplier leveraging power to the process.
  3. Finally, agents’ time is being freed up thereby allowing them to focus on the growth aspects of their business with an enhanced service offering to existing and new clients.

Paul Lucas, who runs several Raine and Horne offices in Sydney said, “Our offices have been working successfully with Tradebusters for several years now. For many years the property management part of the business was consuming a considerable amount of time managing tradespeople. The capacity to outsource this aspect of the business to a central service provider has greatly improved our productivity levels, hence saving considerable time and money. I have great confidence in Tradebusters knowing that all jobs will be managed to a consistent high quality standard and within agreed response times. Outsourcing this part of the business has allowed me to concentrate on taking on new clients. The service has been priceless for our business.”

Alexander Elmowy, a Director and Principal for Belle Property in Sydney said, “The office prides itself on delivering exceptional service and added value to prospective vendors and new homeowners – and Tradebusters, as a strategic partner helps us achieve this. The company has improved our ability to secure new vendors by assisting them with an experienced service provider which can work to deliver the property improvements needed to add value and prepare homes for the sale more quickly. There is a great synergy between the two organisations. This outsourcing partnership has helped strengthen the agency’s brand as we are now operating at much higher efficiency and customer satisfaction levels.”

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