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  • Toad-ally got this: Debbie Palmer

    One of my favourite stories that I share in my coaching and training sessions is about what was thought to be an incurable disease within the property management department. The story starts as most do. Once upon a time, there was a man with an incurable disease known as toadulitus. … …

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  • Reinventing residential rentals: Tina Grey

    Every now and then in your career, you may be fortunate enough to work on a project that is truly special. A body of work that not only stimulates you but has the potential to change the very face of the industry you are so passionate about. I am living … …

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  • Design based thinking : Ariel Beninca

    I’m a User Experience (UX) designer for Console, which means I take the functions and features of Console Cloud and organise how best to lay out the menus, options, windows and so on. The goal is to create the best experience for people using our software To do that well, … …

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  • 5 ways property management needs to change

    The 2018 Voice of Australian Property Management report found that property management is suffering from a high level of disillusionment and defection from the industry, with the bulk of those employed in the sector passive about their roles. Here’s what needs to change in 2019: 1 How we work needs … …

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