Top Picks for New Technology Heading Your Way In 2016

As a twenty-year partner to the real estate industry, has seen the exponential growth of technology shape a new and dynamic marketplace.

In 2015 alone, launched market-shaping innovations for real estate agents and consumers including 3D property inspections, Price Lookup estimates for every property in Australia, Suggested Properties to actively help buyers find their dream home, and Australia’s first real estate app for Apple Watch.

Andrew Rechtman, Executive General Manager – Residential for, says anticipating future digital trends and identifying how they can add value for agents and their businesses has been the cornerstone of’s philosophy.

“We’re constantly looking at new technologies and testing how we can bring them to life to help agencies market their vendors’ properties to a wider and more engaged audience. Agencies that embrace technology as part of their organisational strategy are thriving in today’s digital environment and meeting the needs of consumers who are seeking out new ways to research and engage with property.

“Our top picks for tech trends set to change the real estate industry in 2016 are the rise of Virtual Reality, mobile personalisation, and new developments in wearable technology.

“The first-half of 2016 will see the release of a whole new range of Virtual Reality goggles, including the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Sony Playstation VR. Our team has been at the forefront of 3D and Virtual Reality and the chance to do a virtual walk-through has attracted enormous interest from property buyers. 3D modelling is becoming more accessible through companies like Diakrit who can produce simple models that show floorplans and layouts. And as more consumers have access to VR goggles, we’re expecting a sharp rise in the popularity of Virtual Reality property inspections.

“Advances in personalisation will provide a richer experience for consumers in 2016, especially via mobile devices. Location-based technology, for example, will provide new opportunities to deliver relevant and timely information to property buyers.

“Wearable tech made a splash in 2015 and there will be some exciting new developments on that front in 2016. Our Apple Watch and Android Wear apps have given agents and buyers easy access to property information and alerts when they’re on the go. In 2016 we’ll be enhancing our Apple Watch app, including its ability to assist property seekers attending inspections and auctions,” concluded Andrew.

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