Tim Anderson to Speed Up The TRA Expansion

Tim Anderson, a Life Fellow of the Real Estate Institute of NSW, has joined Trading Referencing Australia (TRA*) as a consultant. TRA Managing Director, Gai Williams, said Mr Anderson’s appointment would help her accelerate plans to extend TRA’s tenancy data base nationally.

“TRA along with many senior property managers believe it is in the best interests of the property management industry to have the most comprehensive national database which can be accessed by all industry professionals,” Ms Williams says. “Tim’s 50 years experience in the industry and his extensive knowledge of landlord and tenancy law will be invaluable as TRA extends its services across Australia.”

The move also reflects the changing nature of the national property management market with increasing population migration – both inter and intra-state. “Individuals and families are moving around the country to take up positions in resources and other industries and this creates enormous pressure on local property managers to check the bona fides of their clients’ tenants,” Mr Anderson said.

“Property Managers have long recognised the need for a more comprehensive national database to help members with one of their most vexatious issues which is protection from bad tenants, wherever they may be.”

Mr Anderson last year assisted TRA develop its free online application facility which combines the tenancy application with a search of the applicant’s tenancy record.

The online tenancy application places accountability on the tenant for supplying the correct information, which, simultaneously, triggers the TRA search criteria. TRA claims the facility also saves time by speeding up the tenancy application process and is legally safer for property managers and principals of member agencies.

The application form even includes the logo of the real estate agency on the tenancy application, ensuring it looks like part of the agency website rather than TRA. Visit tradingreference.com for more information.

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