The secrets to reclaiming your work day

Between open homes, auctions and after-hours client appointments it’s easy to understand why the majority of agents think they have to be available 24/7. I know because I used to be one of them. The stress eventually consumed me so much that I came dangerously close to having a heart attack. Fortunately I saw the light before it was too late and discovered the secret to getting my life back. I am now in control of my diary and I have precious time back to do the things I love. And the best thing, I’m more productive than ever and my earning capacity has grown beyond belief.

By streamlining or even eliminating some of the manual programs and processes you currently have in operation, you’re effectively buying more hours in your day. By following these three simple steps you’ll soon be on the path to stressing less and enjoying life, and work, a whole lot more!James Rubilis

  1. Establish ground rules. Plan your week ahead setting your days off and hours that you will be on call. Make sure your staff and clients have a clear understanding of when you are and aren’t available. Most people will appreciate and respect you for this clarity from the outset. Once you’ve allocated your time, stick to it. My number one time-saver is to get into the office early so I can have the peace I need to focus on my work without the typical interruptions of the office environment.
  2. Database. Your marketing, client management and follow ups are all processes which would benefit from the implementation of a database software management system. With all your clients inputted into your database, you’ve got an easy to access and searchable system all available at the click of your mouse. Many agents operate in a system of anarchy with a confusing mess of sticky notes, diary entries and email reminders resultingin follow ups and revenue slipping through the cracks. You’ll stay top of mind and relevant to your clients with a regular stream of communication and establish a good reputation for your agency.
  3. Prioritise. Many agents are guilty of being reactive instead of proactive when it comes to managing their time. Take a look at the things you do which don’t directly generate income, but are still necessary, like admin tasks. Ask yourself if you can delegate these duties to someone else. Do you have an office junior or a PA you can outsource to? It may mean hiring a new staff member. Before saying that you can’t afford it, ask yourself what is your time worth? What is your hourly rate? If you could create more hours in the day to do more work that is dollar productive, then incurring some minor expenses may not be too difficult to manage.

James Rubulis is CEO of Aro Software, providing real estate technology that responds to the needs of the real estate industry.


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