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The relationship between auctioneer and agent with Gavin Croft

Video Length

16 min 05 sec

Gavin’s Bio

Gavin Croft is the in house auctioneer with BresicWhitney who has achieved a string of record sales and conducted over 1,000 auctions in his career to date. 

What You’ll Learn from Gavin:

  • Key elements in becoming the leading auction agent: speed and understanding
  • Overcoming the fear of auctions
  • Putting a market in front of the seller on a set date, and working towards setting up for bidders and buyers rather than ‘the buyer’.
  • Understanding the auction, your role in the process and what you’re looking to achieve.
  • Understanding what the buyers are looking for and your ability to articulate a market
  • Reasons a buyer will turn up to bid on auction day
  • The Reserve Set Meeting with the vendors and vendor education

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