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The ‘Recruiter’

A new team member must fulfil many other requirements such as; knowledge, skill, attitude, cultural fit, as well as being able to grow with your vision.

We really don’t like the term “Recruiter”, it sends to me a connotation of a mocumentary, in the same vein as “The Office” – where Ricky Gervais is negotiating a role for a Junior Property Officer to be the department head of a leading property management company in the centre of London – whilst his colleagues are recalling the top ten excuses why someone didn’t turn up to an interview that day.

We mention this reoccurring nightmare of Fiona’s having held a luncheon for some of Melbourne’s agents last month, where topics discussed included “People Consultancy,” Multi Listing”, and the search for “Talent Procurement”, this month we share with you the questions and concerns that were raised as well as how you can avoid the “recruiter” fee.

1. What is the difference between – Recruitment v People Consultancy?

With tight employment markets around the country, it is imperative that every business create their own “people” strategy. Property Management, sales, and administration talent is not simply waiting on every street corner ready to step into your next role in two weeks, and if they are, they may not be the perfect fit. Utilising a consultant to create a “People Plan” is a great way to improve your current team performance as well as internally prepare your team for their “next step”. A “People Consultant” will review the fundamentals of Talent Management in your organisation, from recruitment, retention and removal, to ensure you are maximising their time in your organisation.

2. How do I fit a “Round Peg in a Square Hole”?
Ok, so that may not have been the exact question we were asked, but lets be frank many of our clients design the perfect role, and then seek out the perfect person.

Newsflash! – It’s challenging to find the ideal person – the full package, we all need a little tweaking! Potentially your dream list may have been way to dreamy, or you could have champagne taste on a beer budget.

Instead we suggest that each time there is a change in team, use this as an opportunity to review the entire structure, it may be beneficial to restructure other roles, reallocated tasks, implement new technologies to remove activities or processes, or implement training as discussed last edition to upskill existing team members.

3. Can I list my role with more than one recruiter?

Ok so this one should be pretty straight forward, when I cast your mind back to Listing Skills 101, and you can insert your own script into “I want to list my property with more than one agent”, funny how the same scripts can be applied to any industry.

Finding a new team member for your organisation, is not about getting the best price for your property, or as a reflection, the cheapest deal – ie the cheapest team member. A new team member must fulfil many other requirements such as; knowledge, skill, attitude, cultural fit, as well as being able to grow with your vision. Working with multiple consultants will minimise the potential for this to occur and you turn into “another deal”.

If you are to use a service provider to assist with the securing of your new talent, don’t just brief them over the phone, meet with them, have them come to your office, see your environment, meet your team, allow them to engage with your equivalent of the home you are selling – your business so that they know how to find the best fit for you, and ensure you are the right fit for the new employee too.

As People Consultants, the team at RECD work with our clients in all of the above areas. Ultimately we believe that we are not “recruiting” – we are working with the clients to find great people to compliment our clients existing business and vision, and working with talent to develop their careers. Lets hope Ricky Gervais stays in his office.

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Fiona Blayney

Fiona Blayney is the founder and director of Real+, an industry first Property Management learning platform. For more info visit realplusonline.com.au.