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The need to take care of yourself with Jet Xavier

Jet’s Bio

Jet Xavier is a leading elite performance mental skills and mindset coach, speaker, presenter, trainer and writer in the real estate sales industry. He has conducted over 2500 coaching, mentoring and training sessions with various agents and agencies across Australia and overseas. Jet is head coach and ‘Wellness Warrior’ of Transform 2018.

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • 4 main components to being successful in real estate: attracting people. Nurturing them in your database, deliver great personal service.
  • How to be EPIC rather than average: Embracing fear, Playing (having fun), I am (who are you?), Connect (why are you doing what you do?)
  • How not to be worried by the competition: learn from the competition and celebrate their success.
  • Going the next level after success in one level: how to avoid being mediocre in real estate
  • Embracing and getting past fear
  • Daily routines for nurturing and maintaining good mindset
  • Dealing with procrastination: strategies that actually work in real estate
  • What you eat affects your mindset and productivity in real estate

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