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The name’s Bond… RentBond

Coming up with the bond money between rentals is just one of the financial worries your tenants are likely to encounter. Now there’s a way to change that with RentBond.

Needing to find money for a bond at the same time as moving house is often a big issue for renters. That’s where RentBond comes in. Offered exclusively through rent.com.au, RentBond is a revolutionary new bond payment plan designed to take the stress away from renters and make your job easier.

Your tenants will love you for this. If they haven’t received their bond back yet, you can provide a smooth and helpful solution to this issue. And best of all? This service comes at no cost to you.

It’s a smarter way for tenants to pay their bond. As a rent. com.au property manager, you have exclusive access to this product. A dedicated ‘admin centre’ will assist you. It’s security for you – because once a renter uses RentBond, the payment is 100 per cent guaranteed.

It gives renters an option to spread their payment over three to six months under a fully managed RentBond scheme. You will still receive the full bond payment upfront.

It’s a win-win situation, offering a seamless transition for renters moving from one property to the next. Renters can get up to $2,500, and there is no interest ever to be paid.

Your tenants can apply for RentBond online by visiting rent.com.au.

So now, your tenants have more cash to pay their rent – and you? A martini shaken, not stirred, of course!

Find out more at rent.com.au/agents/rentbond.

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