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The Cloud Revolution

Rockend Marketing Manager Julia Ridulfo showcases some of the technology available to help property managers become more mobile.

These days it’s hard to go five minutes without checking our phones for missed calls, texts, status updates and tweets, and that’s just in a social capacity. When it comes to work, smart phones, tablets and free wireless internet basically anywhere, from the hotel you’re staying in to the café where you order your soy latte, means you can now work anywhere, at any time.

What does that mean for Property Managers? You’re probably thinking nightmare! Well, not exactly. Property Managers are always on the go, checking in with the office, and taking tenant and owner phone calls. Now there are specific cloud-based solutions allowing them to log in without geographical limitations.

What is cloud-based computing, you ask? It basically refers to a service that provides customisable computing capacity over the Internet. There’s been a lot of hype around cloud computing in the last few years and it often raises issues of safety and security, but you’ve probably been working on the cloud for a long time without even knowing it. Do you have an email account, or use Internet banking services? These services plus many more are run on cloud-based computing systems.

Where cloud-based solutions are really starting to find their niche is with small businesses looking to cut start-up costs.

PropertyTree is Australia’s first cloud-based property management solution. Powered by Rockend, it comes with over thirty years’ experience in providing industry-leading property management technology, and because PropertyTree is accessed using the Internet it means you don’t need to buy any expensive hardware, software or services. In fact you don’t need any additional equipment at all, just an Internet connection.

The benefits of working mobile are easy to imagine. You can access your business data from anywhere at any time. The easy access also means you have nothing to worry about regarding software installations, networks and upgrades, allowing you to start saving time and money immediately. It’s a flexible solution that’s quick to start up and easy to use. Designed by people who know exactly what the user needs, you’ll be able to breeze through your tasks quickly and efficiently, and because it’s growing and evolving it will grow as your business develops.

Property Managers are already benefiting from PropertyTree with over 150 clients across Australia and New Zealand, including independents and franchises using the application.

Yasmin Laycock, Principal, Yasmin Laycock Properties
“Being the only person in my business, I can’t just call the office for information when I am out on the road, so being able to log on and enter in a rent, pay an owner or get a tenant’s details is just first rate for me, and If there’s something that I don’t understand, PropertyTree’s online help and support are hard to beat.”

Luanne Stapleton, Principal, Director and Licensed Agent, Lovell Residential Trust
“I love this system and it continues to evolve, just like my business!”

Wendy Moore, Harcourts Easter Bay Real Estate
“The most beneficial feature about working with PropertyTree for me is right there on the homepage, at a glance I am able to just click on tenancy and see their arrears, when I need information I don’t have to look very far!”

Property Tree – How Do You Know if this is the Right Solution for You?

  • Residential Managements
  • Less than 150 properties
  • Want something that will be easy for you to access and use
  • Looking for a program that promotes mobility and the future

Primary Benefits of Property Tree

  • Completely online so you don’t have to worry about where or when you can access it
  • You can be up and running with Property Tree in minutes
  • Backups are done for you because it’s a cloud based system
  • Never have to install upgrades or worry about getting the latest version
  • Improved business continuity
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Full trust accounting engine for Property Management purposes
  • Easy to set up and begin using
  • Reduces your carbon footprint.

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