Takeaways from AREC 2013

What were the top take-aways from AREC 2013? Sold Digital Editor Samantha McLean asked two well known Agents, Edgar Natolo from Natgroup on the Gold Coast, and Joanne Royston, a Director of hockingstuart Williamstown in Victoria what they would take back to the office for immediate implementation.

Edgar Natolo, Natgroup, Gold Coast QLD

Edgar Natolo, Natgroup
Edgar Natolo, Natgroup

“I have a long list of tips, as you know, but these will really make a difference and have been gelled by quite a few people during the two days.

Tom Panos – he could talk to me about the colour of grass and I’d still listen to him. But something he really said – its not about who you know but who knows you. This relates back to marketing and prospecting, getting your foot in the door and being the agent on the shopping list. Phil Harris also touched on this. You need to be known to be on the shopping list, or no matter how good you are you won’t be called into the appointment.

Next was a tip by Nick Renna – he had a fantastic point, part of the open house dialog, “Have you had a recent appraisal done by a [insert agent name] agent?” This again, goes straight to the heart of qualifying both buyers and or sellers that may come through an open home, and at the same time gets your brand out there and onto the “shopping list”

David Knox – something that’s great in marketing – when he sells his marketing he explains each of his points of difference and relates them back to how much more value can be added to the sale price, based on each marketing activity (for example aerial photography). I can really see how this strategy would work.”

 Joanne Royston, Director of hockingstuart Williamstown

Joanne Royston, hockingstuart Williamstown
Joanne Royston, hockingstuart Williamstown

“My key takeout from AREC 2013 was definitely around the theme of keeping it real.

Everything we do as real estate agents has to be genuine, useful and done with integrity. Sentiment is one thing, but providing clients with real value and real outcomes is what will grow your business. Consumers are becoming increasingly savvy and with a range of tools at their disposal they can find out anything about you. So always act with integrity, treat people with respect and maintain your reputation. As John Symonds said, ‘When you lose money, that’s nothing. When you lose integrity, that everything.’

My other key takeouts were around adding value and planning. We need to provide real value by giving prospective clients something tangible to work with. Whether it’s a tactical listing presentation, a list of your last 100 sales or taking them through your database of potential buyers, they’re more likely to support you if they know you’re well-prepared.

And lastly – plan, plan, plan. As Chris Gardiner said, ‘Hope is a beautiful thing, but you better have a plan.’ The key to success isn’t luck, it’s having a solid plan that you are committed to.”

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Samantha McLean

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