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Systems that have allowed me to scale my business with Ash Weston

Ash’s Bio

Ash Weston a is Director – Sales at Ray White Frankston. Ashley was drawn to the real estate industry over a decade ago due to his passion for helping people to achieve their goals. His sales figures for the past year alone, added up to well over 100, and are a market leader across the Frankston City council region.

Lesson Highlights

This video is part of a series and covers

  • Brief overview of Ash’s career
  • Systems and processes Ash uses to grow his business
  • How to communicate with the vendors
  • How to build a database as a new sales agent
  • The number one non-negotiable around vendor management
  • Creative marketing ideas to help attract prospects and make more sales
  • Ash’s goal when hiring sales agents
  • Helping and motivating others in the office
  • How to set up alert systems and communicate with statistics that makes you look like an expert

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