Success is in your hands

Do you think that your future depends on how the market is doing? Not so, says LJ Hooker CEO L. Janusz Hooker, the future is in your hands.

I believe that there are three keys to success for real estate agents and principals in the current market.

The market today is not easy. Moreover – it doesn’t help when overseas “experts” like Harry Dent obtain headlines by claiming Australian housing prices will fall by 60 per cent.

Even so, our future is not just determined by the property market, but by ourselves. A sea captain does not try to control the waves or weather, but focuses on keeping her ship on course to the port. Likewise, agents and principals need to put aside “experts” and market conditions, and instead focus on getting to their own destination.

The keys I discuss below are precisely what we are implementing today at LJ Hooker. I know they will work for you, because – as I will show – they are already working for us.

Have a Game Plan

The first step is to have a vision of where you want to be in three to five years. The goals need to be simple and realistic. Every person and business, no matter what role or size, is most productive when working towards an objective. This is a fact that is substantiated by psychological research.

At LJ Hooker, our goals are to continue to be the market leader in each of our core markets and to be the best real estate company in the country. Through these achievements, we want to build a rich and sustainable future together with our customers.

Writing a vision, framing it and hanging it on the wall is not enough. You need to live and breathe it every day. My grandfather, who founded LJ Hooker, had a vision. He once said, “I will have the biggest real estate agency in Australia.” And, indeed, he did.

When you communicate to your team, translate it into terms that each person understands, so they understand the role they will play in achieving the business goals. For example, our recruiting team has precise goals for the number and quality of offices they bring into the network, and those numbers are directly derived from the growth we need to be number one – our first goal.

The Best Team Wins

A game plan is not very useful until you field a good team. The second area of focus to thriving in this market is to focus on your team.

If you manage a team, recruit the best performers you can for every position. Again, at LJ Hooker we are putting this into practice. In the first quarter of this financial year alone, we added over 25 offices and 180 sales professionals to our Network.

If you are a salesperson operating alone, apply the same principle, in reverse. Hitch yourself to the brightest star you can by joining a high performing office and network. Within your office, if there are other agents who do much better than you, work as closely with them as you can.

Invest in Your Team

With your game plan and team in place, the hard work does not stop. Whoever said it takes money to make money was right. The third step is to provide yourself and your team with the best training and tools you can afford.

At LJ Hooker, in terms of training, our new LJ Hooker Institute provides everything from year-long coaching programs to online webinars. In terms of tools, we have launched innovations including myljhooker and new social media tools, websites and marketing materials. Watch this space, because there will be much more to come.

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L Janusz Hooker

L. Janusz Hooker is the Deputy Chairman of LJ Hooker Limited.