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Stay A Step Ahead with A Single View of Your Customers

How many times have you missed opportunities because you didn’t have the right information? Now there’s a way to change that with PropertyIQ.

Dawie-VerryneChances are you’ve collected a lot of information about your customers their properties over the years. The problem is it could be in separate Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and on different computers. Getting your hands on the data is not only difficult; it takes time which could be more profitably spent on other tasks.

However, lost time is not the critical issue. What’s really important is that you don’t miss opportunities – whether in building relationships, generating leads or an opening in the market. That’s where PropertyIQ can help, with a single view of your data so you can use it to further your business goals.

PropertyIQ CEO Dawie Verryne says, “When your existing data is migrated onto the PropertyIQ platform, you access it through the one easy to use interface instead of multiple applications. All information relevant to a customer can be seen in a variety of ways, from high level to specific detail. Better still, you’re able to combine the data with information from third parties like CoreLogic. This gives a comprehensive understanding of the customer in relation to the market.”

To find out more, visit PropertyIQ propertyiq.com.au.

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