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Missed sales caffeine? Here's your second shot

The best highlights sales caffeine is now a part of Elite Agent Pro. And you can get access to it all free for a month's trial.

The program for 2022 has ended but the lessons live on - (at a fraction of the cost)

Some of the you'll learn in the Sales Caffeine program recordings:

In fact there is more than 22 hours of video content in this course alone (which participants paid $220 per month to gain access to).

Today we have a crazy offer for you. Join Elite Agent Pro with your first month FREE - NO STRINGS ATTACHED - and get access to all of this content, and more.


"With regular news updates, podcasts, and online learning opportunities - they are an essential requirement for anyone in the real estate industry - no matter what role you perform.

Kylie King

Harcourts Port Macquarie


"Everything Elite Agent does for the industry is incredible. Their content is relevant and on point, and their training is up there with the best."

Rebecca Halton

LJ Hooker City Residential


I give you 5 stars for everything. I'm signing up for Elite Agent Pro and look forward to a long mutually beneficial relationship. I've been receiving your magazine for years, it's a great publication.

Michael Ziegler

LJ Hooker Devonport

Save time and accelerate your growth 🚀

Imagine having your own reporting team that spends roughly 180 hours ever week analysing what's happening in the real estate industry, including what successful agents are doing to grow.

If you want that team to be yours for less than the price of one fancy coffee per week, you've come to the right place.


"Samantha is an amazing person to work with - her knowledge, sensibility and level head and can readily "get to the guts" of complex issues. An asset to the business - or any business she works with..."

Tony Rowe

MRT Training


Samantha and the team at Elite Agent Magazine are the real deal. They deliver hype-free content in an industry ridden with click-bait headlines and spin - it's refreshing to see a publisher moving the industry forward in a positive way. If you're not an Elite Agent subscriber, you should be.

Josh Cobb



"Feeling so grateful to have found Sam and the Elite Agent Tribe in 2020, I can't believe it took me so long.... If you don't subscribe to Elite Agent Magazine, do it now. You won't regret it!"

Donna Gordin, Home 2 Home Realty

LJ Hooker City Residential

The biggest collection of the best minds in real estate (and beyond)

Like to listen? Download some audio. Like to read? Download a transcript.
Like to watch videos? No problem. Like to relax? We have a magazine. Here are some of the things you'll find on the inside...

What about some specific examples?

We've worked with many of the very top coaches in Australia and around the world, including the Claudio Encina, Tom Ferry, Caroline Bolderston, Katie Lance, Chelsea Peitz and many more

Plus - we are adding new content all the time


"Elite Agent provides up to date information on the real estate industry. They are incredible people with a passion for delivering relevant news to agents and the general public. Thanks Mark and Sam for all that you do and will continue to do for me! PS: If you don't subscribe to their fantastic magazine, get onto it 😊"

Kate Spilsbury

LJ Hooker St Helens


Elite Agent is an ecosystem of great content from industry experts and top performers delivered across a number of mediums. If you looking to learn, improve your performance, grow and / or lead in real estate or in life then you will almost certainly find what you searching for at Elite Agent. I recommend jumping in boots and all

Robin Fick

One Agency


Elite Agent is such a an easily accessible connection with up to date industry news and what I appreciate the most is the invaluable sharing of information, skills, learning and practices that so many other agents and property managers generously share via Elite Agent.

Heidi Howe

Harcourts St Helens

How'z about some bonuses...

(There's tons of value here already, hey? But 'bonus' is literally our middle name...)

Right now, it's an absolute steal to join (and it won't ever be this cheap again...)

After considering all of the value we've put forward here, including what you are likely to gain as a result of being a member, you might be thinking that Elite Agent Pro is an expensive thing to join.

And truly - we should be charging upwards of $99 per month when you look at what we are delivering from return on investment perspective.

In 2023, we will be adding further smarts to Elite Agent Pro and the price will be going up. No doubts, ifs ands or buts about it.

But for now, if you want to become a member and beat the 2023 price increase you'll pay just $19 per month, or 167 per annum.


"I would like to thank you Elite Agent Magazine on an amazing reading from your magazine and learning journey. You articles are on point and your information is only a click away on your email articles whenever I need it with my team. I use your information for training my 91 staff and every morning find something enjoyable that increases our knowledge about the industry. Keep up the great work, you have already exceeded my expectations of what a industry magazine should do.

Darin Butcher

Wiseberry Heritage


"Samantha and Mark are raising the bar in real estate and are such nice people too.

Geoff Grist

R&W Mosman


"As an agent relatively new to the industry, I've been pleased to be able to use the resources & material, learnings & lessons from Elite Agent in my daily structure and dealings. The articles & interviews are constantly a useful tool for me in building my real estate knowledge bank.

Neil Webster

Stone Real Estate, Wollongong

Finally, here's our Guarantee

If you've gotten this far and you are still wondering whether or not to sign up for Elite Agent Pro right now, here is our 'no strings attached' promise.

You can cancel anytime - 💯 no questions asked.

But, if you do nothing else with everything we give you in Elite Agent Pro other than taking five minutes each Saturday to read The Scoop...

In three months from now, you will be either able to each your boss something they didn't know - or just send me an email and we will cancel your subscription and refund anything you've paid up until that point.

And we will still send you your 6-month anniversary socks.