Rewarding the Community And Customers

Rewarding the Community and Customers
Introducing Community Connect
With the assistance of Our Community, Connectnow has developed Community Connect. The philosophy behind the program is simple. When new people move into a local community, the community itself should be rewarded too.

How does it work?
When real estate agents refer customers to Connectnow to organise connecting home utilities and services, Connectnow will reward a community group of the real estate agent’s choice. It could be a sporting club, charity or even a school. The more services and utilities a customer connects, the more community groups can be rewarded.

To make it all happen, you just need to sign up to become a Connectnow partner and choose the percentage of your referral rewards to be given to the community. You can use the application form in this issue of Sold Magazine. Once registered, you will be able to log onto the Community Connect website and manage your account. For more information call Connectnow on 1300 554 323 or visit

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